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about me

A curious creative from Dublin, Ireland, living in Sydney, who just has to get his feet wet in anything web related. The old line of 'thats cool, how did they do that!?' will no doubt be my last words, as that's the very line that drives me to delve deep into the code and see how its done.

Studying in Dublin, I've worked for over 10 years as a Graphic Designer using industry standard applications and working with some of Dublin's best design houses. My interest in the web grew as did its popularity, so the process of moving into web design and studying design for web was crucial. Learning to audit a site, restructure by wireframing, design (UI) and looking at how a user would interact (UX) with the new platform to improve its presence was key to becoming a web designer.

After a period of time, curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to learn how to build. What was behind the design that made that 'click!'. Sometimes when designing its hard to show what you have in mind in terms of functionality or animations from a flat design so, I wanted to start building and showing everyone what I was really thinking!

...and I still am ...still learning ...still building ...and loving it!

what i do

Currently I design and build sites in Wordpress. I design the PSD, I convert it to HTML / SASS and make into a custom Wordpress theme so its as dynamic as possible for easy access for the client and, ease of use to edit the existing content on the finished site. This is done using some of the PHP codex Wordpress provides (with a twist), some jQuery, CSS3 animations and Greensock for added effect.

I use Photoshop / Sketch as my design tools. Moqups for wireframes, Sublime Text as my code editor, CodeKit as a compiler, Source Tree for updating or branching, Bitbucket for backups and I use my own hosting as a staging server for subdomains along with Browserstack for testing desktop and mobile devices.

Wordpress Dev


Web / UI Design

Graphic Design

Case Studies

This is a brief indication of some of the projects I've worked on to date. Some are complete and some are not. Most are linked to my testing server to show what I can produce and what my capabilities are. Also as time goes on, sites change, so I want to keep what I've worked on in one place in case the existing sites have been edited or altered beyond my control. They indicate how I think and the results I can achieve.

  • Matera

    Using the existing brand, the homepage needed to tell a story about how the company’s journey to success. A timeline and projects gallery was developed and instead of a structured layout, the borders were offset to set it apart from becoming ‘blocky’ with some design features pushed outside of the viewport.

    View the Website
  • Concretus

    The design on the website was in tandem with their new brand guideline using both colours and typography. A fresh redesign showcasing both domestic and commercial products together with a filterable gallery.

    View the Website
  • Miss Chats Bar & Restaurant

    A new up and coming quirky gin bar based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Using heavy imagery, patterns and elements of steampunk, the development of the site used some Greensock Animations to fade and pin specific objects to the viewport to create an interesting scrolling experience.

    View the Website
  • Ceed WA

    An amalgamation between University Western Australia and Curtain University, the site was completely redesigned and built to showcase current projects from each university, an application form view existing project models with the ability to submit new proposals.

    View the Website
  • The Pocket Claremont

    An apartment development in Claremont Western Australia. The site was a redesign of the previous site which needed to display all information on a one page scrolling website, with location points, gallery, time lapse video and different options of apartment available to potential buyers.

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